Research Basics

A few introductory principles about social science research

Research helps us learn more about the world we live in and pass that knowledge on to future generations. Over the last couple hundred years it has become a vital part of the human experience. By learning some of these skills you can better access this repository of accumulated human knowledge, and even contribute to it. This brief set of videos gives you a few big picture principles to start:

  • types of common research methodologies
  • qualitative vs quantitative projects
  • inductive vs deductive projects
  • the main parts of a research paper
  • basic ethical considerations when using human subjects

Your Instructor

Daniel Davis, PhD
Daniel Davis, PhD

Dr. Davis earned his PhD in Sociology at the University of California San Diego. He teaches in the sociology department at San Diego State University. Davis is the author of a book and multiple journal articles on higher education and work. Dr. Davis has mentored dozens of students to graduate school programs, and provides academic coaching to private clients. His Curriculum Vitae and more information can be found at

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