Collecting Survey Respondents from Amazon Mechanical Turk

How to access the Amazon Mechanical Turk community of survey takers to complete your survey project.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT) is a very large online community of people who do small tasks (like take short surveys) for small amounts of payment (like 25 cents). Do you need to gather dozens--or even hundreds--of survey takers in a short amount of time? AMT might be the tool for you. In this brief course we cover the basic steps involved in setting up an account, linking your survey, collecting your data, and paying your AMT survey takers.

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Megan Kleber
Megan Kleber

Megan Kleber studies Sociology and Criminal Justice and took Social Theory and Social Research Methods and Design with Dr. Davis, among other courses. In her research methods course she conducted a study on sexual attitudes using a survey she designed in Google Forms, from respondents she collected with Amazon Mechanical Turk, and she then analyzed her data in SPSS. She offers introductory tips on teach of these useful software programs.

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