Attaching your Survey

In this blog, I will start where I left on in Intro to Amazon Turk: Part II Google Forms and finish the blog series on Amazon Turk. In the last blog, we went over the first tab in the edit project page of Amazon Turk titled “Enter Properties.” Now we will finish up with the “Design Layout” and “Preview and Finish” tabs.

Design Layout

Once you have finished on the enter properties tab, click save and it will take you to the design layout tab. This is where you will be attaching your pre-made survey. If you see any HTML code or anything except what is pictured above you may have selected the wrong template when you first began the project. If this is the case head back to my Intro to Amazon Turk: Part II Google Forms and read over the “creating an account” section again. If you see what is pictured above, you are in the right place to copy over you pre-made survey.

First, you need to copy your survey link to paste into the section with the example of the blue HTTP address. To do so, go to your google forms survey and click “send” at the top right of the page. This will open the pop-up window shown below. Click the center icon next to “send via” and it will open the link you need below it. Copy this link and paste it into the Survey Link section in Amazon Turk.

Once you do this you do this, the last thing you must do is make sure your google forms survey is set up with a confirmation message, or as your Mechanical Turk account reads, a survey code. The survey code is designed to confirm that a worker has fully completed your survey and able to corroborate this by copying and pasting a code of your choice into the “provide the survey code here” section.

If there is anything for you to take note of first, it is that in this section you will not by typing anything into the “provide the survey code here” section in Amazon Turk. I repeat, nothing is to be written into this section as it is merely the layout of what the survey taker will be seeing on their end.

The only thing you must do in regards to this section is to go to your google forms survey and create a confirmation message. To do so, click on settings and then the presentation tab. At the bottom of the window, you will see the “confirmation message” section. It is here that you will type in your personal survey code. It can be as simple as 1234. This will make it so that every survey taker will submit their work and be routed to a page with this message to then copy into Amazon Turk.

Preview and Finish

Once you have done so, press save and then click the preview and finish tab. This will show you the initial page all survey takers will see upon clicking your project. From here press save and it will take you to the page shown below. From here you will be able to go back and edit you project, make a copy or delete it, and finally publish it so you can begin to collect responses. Upon pressing “publish batch” you will be routed to the preview and finish tab for one last glance before finally confirming and publishing.

Stay tuned for my next blog post!