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Expert Tips for Students Conducting Research Projects

Tips for Writing a Research Paper in a Group

Start with an outline! It may seem like a simple step but it is one that people sometimes overlook. Outlining the structure of your paper will help you organize your thoughts. Plus, then you can treat your paper like a series of mini-papers that need written, rather than one big research paper....


Intro To Online Surveys: Part I Google Forms

Intro to Online Surveys When it comes to taking a Research Methods course, many students choose to use the General Social Survey (GSS) because it has a wide variety of publicly available data ready for the download. The GSS is a great resource, but only for those whose topic aligns with the...


Basic Terms to Know When Beginning in Dedoose

Basic Terms to Know When Beginning in Dedoose Dedoose is a great cloud-based program to help you code and organize your qualitative research data anywhere you have internet access. There are a terms that you might recognize used in Dedoose, but keep in mind they may be used slightly differently...


Include Interview and Survey Questions in an Appendix (and a Few Tips About Appendices)

From the ASA Style Guide, 5th Edition: It's the end of Fall semester and once again I am grading research papers and research proposals in my methods courses. Two common, though opposite, mistakes students continually make are: Mistake 1. Failing to include in their methods sections any of...